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Masonic Rites

Masonic Rites
Listed below are any upcomming services for our departed Brothers. Please send any information to webmaster@18thdistrictafm.com .

RWB I. Lewis Langley
Worshipful Master Frank Wenning shared this sad news about the passing of our beloved Past Master I. Lewis Langley, Jr. yesterday, Feb. 13th.  WM Frank has 
scheduled our work on 2/22/20 as follows:
1. Open Pelham #423 at 12:00 pm noon.
2. Go to refreshment at 12:15pm.
3. Depart from the Lodge parking lot by 12:25pm.
4. Arrive at the Presbyterian Foothills Retirement Center, Easley, by 1:15pm.
5. Meet with Past Grand Master William B. Rogers,Jr., who will lead our
     Masonic Service, as requested by PDDGM I.Lewis Langley,Jr.
6. Service will commence at 2pm in the chapel, with all of the Grand Lodge
     Officers on the left, and all of the Pelham #423 Brothers on the right side.
7. After the service and family visitation following, we will return to Pelham
    #423 and close the Lodge.
8. NOTES: a. All wear suit & tie
                     b. All officers wear jewels & aprons.
                     c. All brothers wear aprons.
                     d. Bring extra aprons for all visiting Masonic Brothers.
                     e. WM Frank will bring a white leather apron for PDDGM I. Lewis.
                     f. WM Frank will bring sprigs of acacia for us to use in the service.

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