18th District Square and Compass Club AFM


Number     Name                                   Address                                                              Meeting Day

 31           Recovery                214 Old Piedmont Hwy, Greenville               1st and 3rd Monday

101          Ebenezer                    Slater Rd, Marietta                                                      1st Monday

146         Bailey                       701 W Wade Hampton Blvd, Greer                            1st Thursday 

190         Tyger                        7599 Mountain View Rd, Tigerville                            1st Saturday

251         Monaghan              403 Cedar Lane Rd, Greenville                                 2nd Thursday

274        Walden                     8551 White Horse Rd, Greenville                               1st Thursday

279        Brandon                   7A North Washington Ave, Greenville                        1st Monday

282        Cooper                     314 N Poinsett Hwy, Travelers Rest                             1st Tuesday
284        Sam Poe                  1909 Old Buncombe Rd, Greenville                           2nd Tuesday

345         Taylors                    Wade Hampton Blvd, Taylors                                     2nd Tuesday

359         Dunean                   214 Old Piedmont Hwy, Greenville                              1st Tuesday

404       Wade Hampton    12 Airport Rd, Greenville                                                1st Tuesday

423        Pelham                    12 Airport Rd, Greenville                                            3rd Thursday
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