18th District Square and Compass Club AFM

2012 MM of the Year

2012 Master Mason of the Year
WB Mark A. Bennett

RW David Ervin Jr. and WB Mark A. Bennett

RW Dennie Marchbanks presenting the Master Mason of the Year Award to WB Mark A. Bennett

2012 18th District Master Mason of the year

    Earlier this year the Square and Compass Club realized we were about to lose our District web site and through circumstances beyond our control we were unable to renew our present contract with the site supplier. WB Mark was given the task of finding a new web host. After approval from the Club he began building the site. It just so happened that we lost our old site a couple of weeks later and WB Mark, with approval from the Grand Lodge had the new site on line in 2 days. It was not complete at the beginning, but over the next couple of weeks he kept adding features and we now have a first-class web site for our convenience in keeping up with all the activities within the District.

   WB Mark also displayed the true character of Masonry with a project he was involved in with his Church. WB Mark was made aware of a dire situation at one of our Greenville County elementary schools. It was brought to his attention that the school had a number of students who were being fed during the week at school but were going home on the weekends with the possibility of not eating again until their return to school on the following Monday. He helped organize an effort with his lodge to support the “Back Pack Ministry” through the church to furnish the school with food items and snacks. The school could then target the children in need and supply them with at least some form of nourishment over the weekend.

    For these two reasons the committee members were proud to select WB Mark as this years recipient of the 18th. District “Master Mason of the Year”

  Danny Whitaker—Chairman

 Tim Crain- Committeeman

 William Nalley– Committeeman   

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